Wellness Journey with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine therapy assisted by a skilled psychotherapist, mindfulness, intention, music, and Ketamine medicine is improving the quality of life of many people. The resulting dramatic boost in functioning is very welcomed and achieved by the combination of Ketamine, a powerful medicine, combined with psychotherapy, and integration sessions.

This Ketamine therapy treatments have restored functioning, increased resilience in many. Ketamine therapy has also assisted with boosting creativity and the ability to set new habits into place with more ease. This is due to your brain being bathed in growth factor for several days after a treatment and enabling your mind to make quick corrections in it’s wiring to support your intentions, goals, and behaviors.

Ketamine therapy can offer a boost you for the ever changing requirements of today. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy arrived on the scene to assist with stress processing and growth. Please inquire if you have questions about Ketamine therapy services.

Best regards and joy to you as you Refresh your Life!

Located in Springfield, MO

Photo by Rayia Soderberg on Unsplash

Refresh Program

We will work together to assess your needs, prepare you mentally and physically to receive Ketamine medicine, you will be guided throughout your Ketamine therapy journey. We will then follow-up each week with an Integration meeting to discuss and process insights and goals to create a plan of action for you to continue to build positive habits into your life as your brain is ready to grow with your intentions in mind. We will repeat the Ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions weekly for a total of six with our subsequent Integration sessions. Take a dip into your subconscious and come back up with a refreshed outlook.

Guided Refresh Program details:

First, you will have a pre-screening and if appropriate, you will be given a referral to a collaborating Physician for an assessment and medicine for your guided therapeutic Ketamine sessions. We then work together to make a treatment plan and prepare you for the transformational Ketamine therapy sessions. We will meet in my office for your guided Ketamine sessions each week, for a total of six. Each week we will meet after your Ketamine therapy sessions to process your insights and feelings and explore ways to solidify new habits to support you goals for the future.

7 weeks to total Refresh.

Pricing: $2,882 *excluding Dr./Pharmacy costs *Split payment option. Springfield, MO